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Telerehab is the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver physiotherapy outside of the in-clinic environment. With Telerehab at Pure Form Physio our mode of delivery may be different than the in-clinic experience, but our goals are still centered around delivering exceptional, patient-focused care that gets you back to doing what you want to do. We’re excited to offer one-to-one Online Telerehab appointments to current and new patients!

Watch a short video here of an Online Telerehab appointment with Pure Form Physio.


“PureForm Physio is an absolutely, amazing clinic! I’m so very grateful that they made it possible for me to connect with my physiotherapist, Dan, via Telerehab during these times…it honestly felt like I was having an in-clinic appointment, from the comfort of my own home. From the organization in setting up an appointment and, being guided through the process of logging on, (so easy!), to the same amazing care, concern, knowledge and tips that you would expect from PureForm in getting moving and in less pain during a regular, in-clinic appointment, I was so, incredibly impressed with the quality of care and service, and I am already feeling so much better after just one appointment! I’m so grateful for technology and, an outstanding clinic!”

– Amy G, Langley BC

“I just had to write a review to say how pleased I have been with the online tele-rehab I have been doing with Dan while the clinic is closed. I highly recommend the online option. Just before COVID hit, I damaged my rotator cuff and I really thought I would have to endure the discomfort I was in, until Pure Form was allowed to re-open again. I decided to try a tele-rehab session, because the pain had been getting worse and worse. Initially I was skeptical, but I am so glad I tried it. After the first session, following Dan’s advices, I already increased my range of motion, and after the second session I am noticing even greater improvement. There is no need to suffer until this is over. Dan can help you! Try one session… What have you got to lose…. except your pain?”

– Tina P,  Langley BC

“Is it the same as in the in-clinic service? Of course not, but if you were mostly doing exercises in your physio sessions you should definitely be giving this a try! Even if you were previously relying on massage or IMS I recommend trying a few sessions – it’s far, far better than nothing and you can really appreciate the extent to which you’ve been paying for an in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and rehabilitation rather than just some transient pain relief. Highly recommended!”

– Mike B, Coquitlam BC


Telerehab appointments are appropriate where the goals of the session are primarily addressed by:

  • active exercise,
  • functional exercise progression,
  • education in the causes of your pain or discomfort,
  • self-management of pain,
  • self-mobilization of joints and muscles, or
  • monitoring of signs and symptoms (such as for external signs of swelling, redness, etc.)
  • discussions about sport conditioning, fitness or running programs and technique

At the designated appointment time, you will log into your session using your chosen device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone) and then you and your physiotherapist will be able to see and hear each other. The program we use for Online Telerehab appointments is HIPPA compliant and meets all Canadian Telehealth Compliance, Authentication and Encryption technology standards. No video, audio or chat communication will be recorded during your appointment.

Many health insurance companies are now covering Telerehab appointments and we are now able to direct bill to several of them on your behalf.

If you have approved physiotherapy coverage with ICBC, you can continue your rehab via Online Telerehab sessions with your physiotherapist. Medavie Blue Cross is also providing coverage for RCMP and Veteran’s Affairs patients.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage and Telerehab.

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