Running Gait Assessment

Scientific research shows us that 50% of runners get injured every year. Ninety percent of these occur in the knee, shin and foot region.

The causes are either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic factors are things that stem from your body: muscular tightness, weakness, poor running form, and poor joint stability. Extrinsic factors are things from outside of your body: e.g. running shoes, the surface you run on, the program (or lack of program) you use to plan out your running schedule. At Pure Form, we look into all of these issues, to finally get to the source of your running injury.

Our one hour running assessment includes these 4 steps: 

  1. A conversation with you about your running, taking into account your past history of injuries, races, and future goals.
  2. A thorough assessment of how you move from the feet to the shoulders.  We look at your strength, flexibility and elastic recoil (fancy language for how springy you are)
  3. A running assessment where we analyse your running metrics using our Plantiga running system which is wearable technology. The transducers in your shoes will upload to our computers and we can learn about the:
    • Difference between  your left right legs as you run
    • Cadence (steps /minute) you prefer to run at
    • Springiness in your stride (the more the better!)  
    • Impact forces your legs experience as you run 
  4. We then analyse all of this information to come up with a running program and home exercises specific to you.  In the meantime, these exercises might help!(We can do this over 2 sessions instead of one if that is better!) 

If you feel your running could be better or you really want to get past a nagging injury, give us a call before your next running season starts!

Here are some warm up exercises that you can try before your next run !

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