Our Why

Why does Pure Form Physiotherapy exist? It is our goal to assist people to have less pain, feel great and get back to doing what they want to do.  As one person, I can only assist a small number of people per day, but within a clinic of like-minded health care professionals, we can help a lot of people.  I grew up as a runner, cyclist, hiker, swimmer and skier.  My wonderful wife, and business partner, grew up as a dancer and later became a dance teacher. It is a scientific fact that health and wellness is closely linked to physical function.  So for me, if my body moves well, I can then go ride my bike or play with my family. That brings me immense joy. If I can have that kind of joy daily, health and wellness will naturally follow. I am fortunate that I now get to do these activities with my wife and two young children.  In other words, we like to move our bodies.  Our lives have been enriched by these activities together; it has made us a stronger family.   As I have studied more about fitness and physical activity I have learned how activity can prevent serious diseases, how it can help your mood, cognitive capacities, and productivity at work or school. 

I love my job because it is all about assisting people to be able to move as well as possible. For some people we meet, that may mean making it easier to get out of a chair. For others, that could mean moving their bodies a bit faster and more efficiently when they run. If a person can move well, then they should be able to get back to doing what they want to do.  That means their function improves; hopefully that increases the joy in their lives.   So that runner can now try to beat their best time, or that person that struggled to get out of a chair can now get out into their yard to do their gardening.   Once people are doing what they want to do physically, I believe their entire life will improve.   All of us at Pure Form Physio find it incredibly satisfying to be involved in assisting people to get back to moving and functioning well.

When we decided to establish a physiotherapy clinic in 2011, we wanted to create a place with the aim of helping people to get back to activities that bring them joy.   For that reason, our motto is Movement/Function/Well-Being.   We wanted a clinic that was focussed on figuring out why someone is not moving and feeling well.  Once we know that, we can begin to put them on a path to health and wellness.   If they don’t need our services after a while, that is fine, because hopefully they are out being active and enjoying life!

-Dan Sivertson , February 2017

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