Professional Bike Fits

Professional Bike Fits in Langely

A professional bike fit is instrumental to keeping you safe, comfortable, and performing well on the bike. Whether you’re new to cycling or have been riding for years, Louisa can use her knowledge of physiotherapy and experience in elite-level cycling to help you ride longer, faster, and happier.

All bike fits start with a physiotherapy assessment to ensure the fit is tailored to your individual needs and goals on the bike. Following the assessment, a stationary trainer is used to allow Louisa to perform a dynamic bike fit while you ride, measuring all the important components of bike positioning and alignment. Based on these findings Louisa may make changes to any number of contact points on your bike, including your seat, cleat alignment, stem length, bar position, and more. Once the fit is complete, Louisa will provide a detailed home exercise program to address any areas for improvement specific to your body’s mobility and strength.

Please call for details about how to get your bike fit organized so that you can start to feel better (and faster!) on the bike.

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